Inquisitor Shalea Lunara pre-Magistra.

Shalea Lunara is one of the Inquisitor within the Magistra Empire. She possess a very strong-willed personality, flirtaious and a bit of lush.


Shalea Lunara was born Shalea in the misty wash onboard the ship to Mhaura, Vanadiel. Her and her twin brother, Mageus, lost their mother during their birth and was raised by a wayward sea Catain named Magus. Childhood was tough but fair growing up on and near the sea.

During a trip to San D'Oria, Mageus and I were gathering food for our journey to Aht Urghan when a group of orcs attacked the city. Despite adventurers attacking the orcs in waves, Mageus and Shalea fled and hid in what was called King Ranperres Tomb until all was calm. There, it is where Mageus learned that he was to be a White Mage, a powerful magic user that helps others from injuries and banishes undead, like he did in King Ranperres Tomb.

It was her duty to help Mageus throughout his adventures in Vanadiel.. to help him become the adventurer she knew he could be. She stayed in San D'Oria while he became a White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Dark Knight, Warrior, Thief, Summoner and the Corsair his father had once been. Although, Mageus was never, very lucky. One day while out in the open sea, Mageus relized that even after all his adventures and accomplishments, the overwhelming darkness known as abyssea grew too much for him. He explained to Shalea that it was her time to show the world what she can do and make her mark on the world. She said goodbye to her former life assisting her brother and traveled far to a land called Eorzea. A land wrought with adventure, intrigue and a new threat, the Garlean Empire. With the knowledge she have gained from her brother, Shalea seek out to write her own page of history. To commemorate her new life, Shalea ship's Captain branded her right cheek with the mark of the Corsair, reminding herself that whoever, whatever she become, her heart belongs to the open sea and to Vanadiel herself. He branded Shalea under the light of the New Moon, in witness to her brother's avatar, Fenrir. Henceforth, she was no longer just Shalea, she was Shalea Lunara, Twilight Child of the Sea.

"I will be what my brother has been. I will become greater than what my brother was.... I will be a Summoner."

-Shalea Lunara, Inquisitor of the Magistra Inquisition.


It was a mere coincidene that Shalea was recruited to the House of Sakamoto, one of the most prestige family now in exile into Eorzea. After a month, the House was reformed into the Magistra Empire. Due to her calm temper, and wisdom, she was immediately recruited into the Magistra Inquisition for her to partake into the Internal Affair within the Magistra Empire.