Magistra Inquisition 2

Rosetta of the Magistra Inquisition.

The Inquisition is a secret organisation that exists outside the standard administrative hierarchy of the Magistra Empire.

The Inquisition acts as the secret police force of the Magistra Empire, hunting down any and all of the myriad threats to the stability of the Emperor's dominion.


The Inquisition was formed during the reformations and the repearl of the House of Sakamoto into the Magistra Empire. On the order of the Emperor himself, the Inquisition was established soly for recruitment of the Empire, policing it's members and community, and find the heretic and send them to exile. To be informative, the Inquisition have always acted behind curtain, and composed of many secret operations and campaign with the approval of the Emperor of Magistra to hunt down heretic, and bring retribution upon them by the grace of the Emperor. However, throughout time, Emperor of Magistra have gave the Inquisition as their acting privileges with more reign to find suspect and investigate and act accordingly without any sort of approval or sentiment from the Emperor himself.

Prime Magistrate Anna Volfield.

Anything related to Internal Affair, as well as External Affair, the Inquisition are there to composed themselves and their role accordingly to address the issue.

In terms of recruitment, the Inquisition consist some of the most zealotic characteristic, with wise but radical judgement from the Inquisitors themselves. The trait was first founded by Supreme Inquisitor, now Prime Magistrate, Anna Volfield, and was deemed very useful and necessary, as the power that they reign, comes with the consequences of their action. Knowing that those who they sent retribution upon will hold grudges against them.

"Be as diplomatic, tactical, and graceful about it."

-Nanase Sakamoto, Emperor of the Magistra Empire.


Anna Volfield - One of the most influential Inquisitor due to her zealotic attitude and short temper. She acts as the Emperor's right hand, and send judgement upon the heretic. She participated during the campaign of the Magistra reformations, and was once a royal guard of the House of Sakamoto during her time serving with the Garlean Aristocrats.

Spiriel Sylph - An Inquisitor with calm, temper, but intellectual, and investigative attitude. She and Anna was once childhood friend, and they journeyed together and met each other during the long run, and soon she joined the Magistra Empire, and helped the Emperor to solved some of the External Affair, one noticable with the quarrel between the Magistra Empire and Intermission Linkshell.

Shalea Lunara - She is known by flirtaious attitude, and wisdom. She is also one of the Emperor's secret advisor to help shape the current system of the Magistra Inquisition.