Elly Une during her career as a Dragoon.

Elly Une is one of the most well known Monster Hunter within all Eorzea.


"Few is known about Elly, she was named Eliana by those who raised her. Just that when her name is being ask she shortly replies "Elly", as for her last name "Une" It's a standard for saying unique, named like after her Dragoon master. After a harsh childhood, she developed a taste for killing and hunting, being led into the gossip or eradicating the evil, such is the law of the Dragoon."

-Magistra Lore

She is found at the Gate of Judgement in Coerthas when she was born. Elly is known to be very short temper, and hot headed, which eventually earned her the fame all over Eorzea for being one of the top Monster Hunter, and an Adventurer. It was mainly because of it, finally, Elly went into a time of self realizations, trying to retrace her past of her origin.


On the several occasion, Elly ran into several members of the Magistra Empire, one of the well known established Hierarchy inside Eorzea. As an outsider, she also helped with the effort of providing the evidence of Lunos Lupus' to the Magistra Inquisition for his exile from the Empire. She also participated as an honorable guest to the wedding of Emperor Nanase Sakamoto and his newly wed Empress Arturia Saber. In honor of the effort of Elly, Emperor
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Emperor Sakamoto with Elly in Coerthas.

Sakamoto welcomes her with open Arms.

With the provided help and the companionship that she needs, Elly welcome those who helps her to retrace the steps of her life since birth.